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South America Border Crossings

Colombia – Ecuador

Rumichaca Border Crossing ( 18 December 2016-Sunday)

Total time 2 hours and 30 minutes (Colombia 30 min, Ecuador 2 hours)

Rumichaca border is 2 miles far away from Ipiales. Fill your tank at ipiales before heading to border because gas stations close to border on Ecuador side are not selling gas foreign vehicles.

We waited longer at Ecuador immigration due to huge line. Some riders crossed much faster.

  1. Park the motorcycle and walk to immigration.

    Colombia Immigration and Parking
  2. Stamp out from country.
  3. The next building with red door is the Aduana. Go back of the immigration building and enter the red door. drop your import documentation

There is no fee and copies going out from Colombia.

Colombia Immigration and Aduana

That’s it. Now, you can drive to Ecuador.

  1. Park motorcycle in front of immigration/ aduana
  2. Go to immigration and stamp your passport.
  3. The Aduana next to immigration unfortunately not doing the moto import. You need to turn the building and see a small extension with one door and all windows. There is one officer in that small extension that handles the moto import.

    Ecuador Aduana for moto import
  4. She asked original driver license, passport and title. She took a picture with phone.
  5. She walked to the moto and took a picture of VIN and plate.
  6. Back to same building to enter the information. She prints out the documentation and you need to get printed copies from the Aduana window. Back to her office, she stamps and done.
Ecuador Immigration and Aduana

There is no fee and copies on Ecuador immigration or Aduana.

No insurance necessary for Ecuador. 


Ecuador – Peru

Macara Border Crossing ( 9 January 2017 – Monday)

Total time 1 hours (Ecuador 10 min, Peru 50 min)

It took 10 minutes to finish paper work in Ecuador immigration and Aduana. There are 2 containers on the left side before leaving the Ecuador. One container is for immigration and other one is for Aduana. (Note: Ecuadorian side is constructing a new building)

Ecuador – Peru Border (Macara – La Tina)
  1. Stamped out from Ecuador
  2. Aduana officer collects the import documentation.
Ecuador (Macara Control)

You are now free to go Peruvian side. Cross the bridge, you see Peruvian immigration and Aduana about 100 meters on the right.

  1. Stamped your passport
  2. Walk 20 meters to a market on the right side to get SOAT insurance. It is $33 for a month when we crossed in January 2017.
  3. Back to Aduana and hand your SOAT, driver license, registration, passport. No fee required at Aduana. The office get the copies so you do not need to go and copy your documentation.
Peru Border (La Tina Control)

You are now good to ride in Peru.


Peru – Chile

Concordia (Santa Rosa) – Arica Border Crossing ( 23 January 2017 – Monday)

Total time 1 hours and 45 minutes (Peru 30 min, Chile 1 hour 15 minutes)

Peru Santa Rosa Border Map
  1. Park the motorcycle
  2. Walk into the immigration office
  3. Ask for the form for motorcycle to fill
  4. Hand your passport and form for stamped
  5. Go back to moto and ride to the other side of building.
  6. Go to the Aduana  (CIT office) and hand the import documentation
  7. No copies and fee required when you are leaving Peru.

Now you can ride to Chile

Chile immigration and Aduana

We moved and parked motorcycles in front of the Chile immigration.

  1. Go to the line for immigration, fill the form.
  2. Ride the park into Aduana area.
  3. Get your bags into the x-ray room, the form is collected before x-ray room.
  4. Go inside Aduana, fill form and get your import permit
  5. No fee and copies required in Chilean side.
Chile Border Map

Note: Chile and Peru have 2 hours time difference. Chile is 2 hours ahead so plan your crossing accordingly. Arica is 15 minutes far away if you want to stay.

Chile – Argentina

Rio Jeinimeni Border Crossing ( 28 February 2017 – Tuesday)

Total time 20 minutes (Chile 5 min, Argentina 15 minutes)

The Border is couple kilometers far away from Chile Chico. Once you reach the border park your vehicle on the right side of the road.

Rio Jeinimeni Border Crossing
  1. Immigration and Aduana are in the same building. Go to immigration for exit stamp.
  2. Hand over your passport, import documentation and title to Aduana officer
Rio Jeinimeni Border Crossing (Chile)

Both took 5 minutes for us and continue to Argentina side. Argentina border building is couple kilometers far away and there is a welcome Argentina sign to take some pictures.

Once you reach Argentina border building, park the vehicle on the right side of the building.

Rio Jeinimeni Border Crossing (Argentina)
  1. Go to border control building and hand out your passport for import stamp.
  2. Than hand over the passport, vehicle title to Aduana officer.
  3. Officer generate an import documentation
  4. Officers wave us to continue and did not check our panniers and bags.

Both took 15 minutes and no fee / photocopy needed.

No visa required for Turkish citizens as well.

Argentina – Chile

Cerro Dorotea Border Crossing ( 4 March 2017 – Saturday)

Total time 20 minutes (Argentina 5 min, Chile 15 minutes)

This is another easy border crossing in South America. This border connects Rio Turbio, Argentina to Puerto Natales, Chile. The road conditions are good, all paved.

Paso Dorotea Border Crossing

Drive till the Argentina immigration building on the left side of the road. We passed the cars parked on the right and parked the motorcycle on the left side.

Argentina immigration and aduana

As you walk into the building the immigration is on the left and the aduana window is on the right.

Hand your passport and temporary vehicle import permit. The immigration officer will stamp your passport out of Argentina. Hand your vehicle import to Aduana officer. He took it and you are done in Argentina side.

No copies or fees required.

You can ride about 3 kms and reach Chile customs.

Chile Border Crossing

We passed the cars and parked on the right side. İmmigration and Aduana are on the same building on your right side.

  • Fill immigration form
  • Hand your passport, vehicle registration to immigration officer
  • After immigration, hand your passport and registration to aduana officer. This is our second time to enter Chile in this trip. Officer asked which border we entered on the first time. Officer found our original information using the plate number.
  • Agricultural officers did not inspect the bags this time 🙂
  • Now, free to ride to Puerto Natales, Chile.

No copies or fees required.

Chile – Argentina

San Sebastian Border Crossing ( 9 March 2017 – Thursday)

Total time 15 minutes (Chile 5 min, Argentina 10 minutes)

This crossing is in Tierra del Fuego. The closest city is Cerro Sombrero in Chile and Rio Grande in Argentina. Do not forget to fill your tank in Cerro Sombrero. Road conditions are good till last 45 kms to the Argentina border. The gravel starts as soon as you turn left (coming from Cerro Sombrero) for San Sebastian direction. The road construction is under way hopefully will be completed soon.

San Sebastian Border Crossing

Drive till border building. We rode in front of the building and parked the motorcycle.

Chile Border
Chile Border

Provide your passport to stamp out of Chile. Provide your passport and temporary vehicle import permit to the aduana officer. It took 5 minutes all to finish all. No fees and copies required.

Now, you can proceed to Argentina side. İts about 10 kms to the border building.

Argentina Border

The border building is on the right side. İmmigration and aduana as usual faster. No fees and copies required.

We never asked for motorcycle insurance in Chile or Argentina.

Argentina – Chile

We used San Sebastian border again from South to North on our way to North. It took about 10 minutes for Argentina and unfortunately took about 40 minutes on Chilean side due to agricultural inspection.

Crossed on 29th March 2017. No fees or copies required.

Chile – Argentina

Integracion Austral Border Crossing ( 29 March 2017 – Wednesday)

Total time 20 minutes 

Both Chile and Argentina border officers are in one building. The steps are written clearly on the signs inside the building. It took about 20 minutes to finish up the paperwork.

Integracion Austral Border Crossing


Integracion Austral Border Crossing

No fees and copies required.

The hours are between 08:00 and 22:00 after 1st April 2017. Check it before heading to the border. The border is on Route-3 (Argentina) and Route-255 (Chile).

Argentina – Chile

Paso Cardenal Antonio Samore (9 April 2017, Sunday)

Argentina Side 15 minutes

Chile Side 20 minutes

It is another easy crossing in South America. The scenery is amazing for both sides. The border control buildings are 20 kms away. Route 231 and 215 are the main roads. Border is between Osorno and Bariloche.

Chile – Argentina

Los Libertadores (14 April 2017, Friday) 

Both border crossings are completed at the same building. It was very easy and took an hour to clear both sides. We were at the border before a national holiday so it was a busy but still completed within an hour. Follow the lines and booths to handle Argentina entry, chile and Argentina aduanas as well. The officers were very friendly as well.

We have not asked for insurance 🙂

Chile – Argentina Border Crossing immigration and Aduana

The road to the border crossing is fantastic at Chilean side. Climb to Los Libertadores is breathtaking.

Breathtaking climb to Los Libertadores….What a road!

Argentina – Bolivia

La Quiaca – Villazon Border Crossing (28 April 2017, Friday) 

Total time (30 minutes – 20 minutes Argentina, 10 minutes Bolivia)

It is a very easy border crossing to Bolivia. Visa not required for Turkish citizens to enter Bolivia.

Both border crossing immigration and Aduana completed at the same area.

Parked the motorcycle under the shaded area. Go to Argentina immigration for stamped out.  (Number-1 in below figure)

Go to next window for Aduana to give back temporary import documentation. (Number-2 in below figure)

La Quiaca – Villazon Border crossing – Park the section on the right side of stop sign

Next go around the building for Bolivia immigration for get your passport stamped. (Number-3 in below figure)

Again, go to the front side of building, last window is the Bolivia Aduana. (Number-4 in below figure)

Handed registration and passport for temporary vehicle import.

It took 5 minutes for officers to enter information and signed the paperwork.

La Quiaca – Villazon Border diagram

Just rode over the bridge and you are in Villazon.

There is an ATM in the plaza to get Bolivian currency. Bolivian highways have tolls but some of them collects money some of them lets you go. It is better to get some local currency before hitting road after Border crossing.

No insurance required for Bolivia.

They don’t let us use the restrooms/banos in the gas stations in Bolivia. It is annoying but nothing you can do.

There are many gas stations but the rate is different for international travelers.

Villazon ATM location

We continued to Tupiza where we stayed at Hostal Butch Cassidy. It is a great hostal to stop and spend a night.

The road from border to Tupiza, Tupiza to Potosi, Potosi to Sucre and Potosi to Uyuni is paved.

The route 21 between Tupiza and Uyuni is not paved.

Bolivia – Argentina

Villazon – La Quiaca Border Crossing (4 May 2017, Thursday) 

Total time (1 hour- 15 minutes Bolivia, 45 minutes Argentina) 

We used the same border crossing to enter Argentina again. We parked the moto on the bridge behind the cars.

Walked to the Bolivian immigration which is on the right side of the curb. It took a minute to stamped out. Than cross teh other side and go the Bolivian Aduana to hand out the temporary vehicle import.

(Both Bolivian and Argentina Aduana are the same for entry and exit)

Next, go to Argentina immigration for stamped in. it is next to Bolivian immigration on the right side of the building while entering from Bolivia.

Move to Argentina Aduana for paperwork. They completed the paperwork but not signed it. You need to bring the moto in front of Aduana for check. They asked to take off the bags to scan. It was painful but its the process at the end.

We have not asked for insurance, did not pay any fee and no copies at all.

Argentina – Uruguay

Gualeguaychu – Fray Bentos Border Crossing (10 May 2017, Wednesday) 

Total time 20 minutes

This is another easy border crossing in South America. Uruguay immigration stamped in our passport at the entrance booth. Argentina immigration not available for stamped out here.

Next, parked our moto on the right side of the curb to enter the building on the left side. Argentina and Uruguay Aduanas are next to each other.

Gualeguaychu – Fray Bentos Border Crossing

We handed our Argentina vehicle import to officer. Next, handed passport and registration to Uruguay Aduana officer. It took couple minutes to prepare Uruguay temporary vehicle import. We signed it and rode to Uruguay.

No fees and copies required.

Note: In case if you want to do insurance for Uruguay it can be done in Gualegaychu for international vehicles. One month for motorcycle costs about 10 USD. You can find the insurance companies in ioverlander. I can send the location if needed.

Uruguay – Brazil

Chuy Border Crossing (21 May 2017, Sunday) 

Total time 30 minutes

Uruguay Aduana and Immigration is couple kilometers before the town entrance. It is located on the left side of the right when you are riding to North.

We unfortunately passed this location and returned from Brazil side 🙂 Here is the picture of the building.

Uruguay Aduana from South direction

The process is very easy at Uruguay side. Stamped ur passport and hand moto import permit to Aduana officer than you are off to Brazil. It took about 10 minutes.

You can stop by Chuy for tax free shopping and continue to Brazil border crossing if you would like.

Brazil Aduana and Immigration is about 5 kilometers far away from Chuy. You can park the vehicle and just walked to the building for passport stamp and moto import. It took about 20 minutes all paperwork. Here is the picture from parking lot.

Brazil Aduana and Immigration

Aduana request to fill the form and the officer is asking the approximate price for the vehicle. Once officer complete the paper work, he walked to the moto to check the VIN and license plate. We took a selfie with him and moto than continue towards North. No insurance required for Brazil.

The toll roads are also free till Porto Alegre from Chuy border.

Brazil – Uruguay

Chuy Border Crossing (28 May 2017, Sunday) 

Total time 20 minutes

We used the same border crossing from Brazil to Uruguay after a week later. It took 10 minutes at Brazilian side. As usual officers are very kind and helpful. Here is the picture of the immigration and aduana building at Brazilian side.

Brazil Aduana and immigration – Chui Border

Continue to ride about 5-6 kms and u reach Uruguay frontera at South of Chuy. Here is the picture of the building coming from North direction.

Uruguay Aduana and immigration from North at Chuy

It took about 10 minutes for immigration and motorcycle import paperwork. No insurance requested at the border again.


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