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South America Border Crossings

Colombia – Ecuador

Rumichaca Border Crossing ( 18 December 2016-Sunday)

Total time 2 hours and 30 minutes (Colombia 30 min, Ecuador 2 hours)

Rumichaca border is 2 miles far away from Ipiales. Fill your tank at ipiales before heading to border because gas stations close to border on Ecuador side are not selling gas foreign vehicles.

We waited longer at Ecuador immigration due to huge line. Some riders crossed much faster.

  1. Park the motorcycle and walk to immigration.

    Colombia Immigration and Parking
  2. Stamp out from country.
  3. The next building with red door is the Aduana. Go back of the immigration building and enter the red door. drop your import documentation

There is no fee and copies going out from Colombia.

Colombia Immigration and Aduana

That’s it. Now, you can drive to Ecuador.

  1. Park motorcycle in front of immigration/ aduana
  2. Go to immigration and stamp your passport.
  3. The Aduana next to immigration unfortunately not doing the moto import. You need to turn the building and see a small extension with one door and all windows. There is one officer in that small extension that handles the moto import.

    Ecuador Aduana for moto import
  4. She asked original driver license, passport and title. She took a picture with phone.
  5. She walked to the moto and took a picture of VIN and plate.
  6. Back to same building to enter the information. She prints out the documentation and you need to get printed copies from the Aduana window. Back to her office, she stamps and done.
Ecuador Immigration and Aduana

There is no fee and copies on Ecuador immigration or Aduana.

No insurance necessary for Ecuador.