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China &8217; Train Ride

Pekin Batı Tren İstasyonu - Çin'de Tren Yolculuğu

Beijing West railway station – Train in China

China is where our adventure begins at the &8217; train ride

In China we have done, what's left of our minds about two train journey we hope then Train ride in China help to make.

Pekin' den Xi'an City and Xi'an city Şangay' a train journey.

Şangay’dan Hong Konga train is not going to get our tickets, but we had planned and what we have to do a little change. I think Shanghai-Hong Kong the tickets went on sale earlier. On the train we met an Italian couple Xi'an-Shanghai your ticket is not in place. They also made a last-minute change in plans for the holidays. If you travel within the time limited to, necessarily, we recommend that you set your ticket in advance.

Xian (Xi'an-Xi'an City) Trip Notes

Terracotta Askerleri - Xian, Çin

Terracotta Soldiers – Xian, China

The old capital Xian (Xi'an City), The Silk Road' nun Çin side is the starting point. The crowd is a city population of about 3 million civarıy.

Pekinfrom 7:30 a.m. We express train around 8:00 a.m. Xi'an He came to the city. Our journey with the details of a separate title. Experience gained in the train "China &8217; Train Ride"you can read in our article. On the evening of the day again we came by train Şangay' a. We are just in the city of Xi'an daily and our goal "Terracotta SoldiersClick "visit. When we the suitcase from the train station and the train station, our escrow backpack. One piece of luggage daily 5 Yuan.