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Seoul Travel Guide

Seul Kulesi'nden gece manzarası...

Seoul-South Korea

Palaces In The City: SEOUL

SeoulAsian countries, first saw the city and the longest flight in our lives because of our experience has a special place among our trip for being old-fashioned. Korea airlines New Yorkfrom the 14-hour flight with Seoul' a came. This is the first time we tried Korea Airlines flight was both from serv personnel need to zee. After a pleasant flight to a country who doesn't want a visa from the Ministry of pasaportlı to come and enjoy our passport, with the convenience of 24-day Far East We started our first stop travel.

The first time you came to this part of the world in an exciting trip to the far east of the summer actually plan for a good period of time, even if we didn't mean to postpone our trip. As such, it also has begun a fierce rain, we started with but nevertheless we were determined not to compromise on either plan.

August 2011 exchange rate: $ 1 = 1030 Won