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Tayrona Milli Parkı

Tayrona Milli Parkı

Tayrona Milli Parkı

TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK NATURE and camping in the Caribbean:

Tayrona National Park, Santa Martalocated 34 km north of of, although Colombia's most important ecological reserve area campgrounds, untouched beaches and tropical forests is one of the most visited park. Kolombiya We expect our trip eagerly part of this park, you know, and even that was a major goal of the trip. Tayrona National Park, spoiling the natural beauty of the see and sea-Beach-nature-camp environment on a moment ago we were dying to live. Santa Marta' what if the very next day as soon as we decided to take the bus in the early hours of the morning. We left off our big bags at the hostel during the two days, leaving just enough for us to put our stuff in our backpack radicalised.

Santa Marta Travel Guide

Santa Marta'da gün batımı

Santa Marta sunset

Santa Marta mountain ranges with Caribbean The rest of the city between the sea, many travelers by the country's most beautiful park is one of the Tayrona Milli Parkıyou will be able to select the migration path. In fact, we have to move up our trip to Colombia at a little travel writing our track Bekran' in Tayrona Milli Parkıdescribing the post. Spoiling the natural beauty of the Park and the Sea-Beach-nature-we wanted to live in a camp environment as soon as possible. Of course Santa Martado not use this as a way to only capture switch port city not without also sightseeing.