• Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Arctic Circle, Alaska
  • Crater Lake, Oregon
  • CA-1 Highway
  • Ushuaia, Argentina
  • Antarctica
  • Antarctica
  • Ecuador

Rota Amerika

Rota Amerika Hakkında

Eminiz ki birçok motosiklet buffs dream; travel different routes and destroy live limited is exploring the beauties around the world. Rivers, mountains from the hot desert, to the Poles overcome the feeling of nature's glory and of different cultures, different spirits, as is our biggest request share our pledge. Enjoy beautiful ...

We have the same feelings at the moment that we have made short trips a day long excursions in turn wish to go away. Products we in North America Alaskastarting from Central America to the southern tip of the South American continent, located in the most Ushuaia the thought of a great adventure as you reach to the city. Every day for about 10 hours of Office people who we think how exciting route.

North and Central America Route

North and Central America Route

Plan a trip like this while doing research for a lot of information. This information can be easily reached from one place on our blog we thought it would be useful to share. Thus, similar to those of course both our and within easy reach of many information sources might have been.

South America Route

South America Route

In addition to time with an even richer source of information to be useful for all of us to grow to be. This route did or plan that we are open to sharing information for all types of travelers. Information about this route all together make it even more useful to our update and getirebilceği.

Konaklama Hakkında

Our plan: Gezinin The United States and Canada on the part of the camp as long as we can we think progress. Mexico and Central America, we could park safer bike hostel, hotel or similar options. Camping supplies in South America again and again in places in places we can camp catching hostel or hotel, we will continue with the options.

iOverlander is a very nice web page. From the hotel, petrol station, many crossings necessary information from the camp.


Konaklama konusunda daha önce özellikle motosiklet following a similar route, travelers with notes will be useful. Some sites list;









ADV Rider

Members of the camp facilities to ADVRider tık tık




http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/phillys-big-trip-alaska-to-chile-or-is-that-argentina. 837163/page-3

Bölgesel Bilgiler

Horizons Unlimited and ADV Rider forums for North, Central and South America Cruise, you can obtain a lot of information that may be useful.

Horizons Unlimited – The HUBB

Mexico and Central America;


For South America;


ADV Rider

Latin Amerika bölümü


Amerika kıtası genel yol planı hakkında


Mexico and Central America;

http://advrider.com/road planning

Sınır Geçişleri Hakkında

The border crossing, especially Central America; language problems, insufficient equipment and confusion of processes that, when the general situation in which employees are very distressed. 3-4 hour some strangled over the limit uzayabildiği. The general idea is safe by staying in an area near the border early in the morning to go to the border to perform daily plan time after the migration. Dear Savaş BalabanWhen we ask them to a border crossing "a lot of fun," he answered. Below the border crossing we gather about you will find some useful links.

Orta ve Güney Amerika Sınır geçişleri hakkında bazı kaynaklar










Horizons Unlimited



Amerika Kıtasını motosiklet ile gezen Türk gezginler

As far as we know, we've heard that our friends in the Turkish motorcycle travelers we met or section by listing, in the future this kind of route to achieve them easily in order to help planlayanların.

Savaş Balaban – Yol Bizi Bekler

Erol Aynacı –

Serkan Söğüt – Rüzgarın İzinde

Levent Türkoğlu – Facebook hesabı

Tolga Başol – Ride Must Go On

Alp Zekeriya Saraç – İkiteke

Namik Kemal Baig – Motoyol

To which Country Motorcycle insurance?

Mexico, all of Central America countries border crossing to traffic insurance in perpetual care include sprinkler.

Meksika motosiklet You can check out the links below for online insurance.




South America traffic insurance current information on Erasmus as we will renew the information from a mutual friend. Epstein, according to information from the better to make the traffic insurance, especially in the case of an accident the first question asked in the document.

Colombia and Peru to traffic insurance.

Panama, Colombia's Transition to

Panama' dan, Kolombiya' what if there's no road connection, unfortunately. Forests covered this geography Darien Gap being called. Therefore, to take the bike back with two other alternatives. First send the bike with the second air cargo ships to pass through. Especially in 2014 to begin Ferry Express combination of price and convenience were being preferred but they don't continue the expedition. Recent status and time information are useful to control web page for March 2016 hasn't started to Ferry Express again with effect from the time.

Ferry Express (does not work – March 2016)


San Blas Ferry






The following website, you will find information about how to migrate by boat.


Girag – air cargo


Motosiklet Bakım Servis

BMW's service network in the United States is considered large. Mexico and Latin America but also in many countries in services.

BMW ABD servis lokasyonları için tık tık..

BMW Motosiklet uluslararası servis lokasyonları için tık tık..

El Salvador in Touratech and Heidenau tires dealer. Contact for tık tık

In the city of Lima Peru and Touratech dealer and Heidenau tires. Contact information;

AV Los Faisanes 196, Chorrillos, Lima – Peru
email: ventas@motoviajerosperu.com
website: www.motoviajerosperu.com
GPS coordinates S 12 ° 847 10.6″ W 077 ° 00 128.6″

Bolivia Gas stations map


Extra Information

  • The United States and Canada in particular for night driving deer or similar animals can leave quickly. So much more carefully, so be aware of the differences with the United States to Turkey drive tık tık
  • The UNITED STATES for highway roads parallel the freeway instead of outbound is preferable. Anyway also and can disturb the turbulence created by the trucks. Many of these roads you can go at the speed of almost in the highway. This road around the town are both visually and in terms of the country's countryside will be much more enjoyable to see.

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