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Beijing Travel Guide


Beijing – China

Fog In The Capital: BEIJING

The second stop on our trip to the far East Pekin' e, a World Wonderswith the desire to see the SeoulAfter 2 hours of a comfortable ride than we are in suspense. Airline company China Southern 'I have used and ticket price one-way per person we paid $ 325.

August 2011 exchange rate: $ 1 = 6.4 Yuan

PEdgar, the capital International Airport (Beijing Capital International Airport): Beijing Capital Airport for us Çin' e was the first entry point. Customs clearance is fast and seamless. At the entrance, no questions asked. When you go through customs with a huge Starbucks café. After receiving our airport "backpackExpress TrainWe went to the center of the city by using .ini ". Train one way per person 25 Yuan. We "Dongzhimen"we went up to the station. We arrived to our hotel to the city's metro lines pass through this station. The train is very useful and practical. Metro entrance automatic ticket machines accept up to a maximum of 50 Yuan. Not necessarily, at least your money at the airport you have to be 10 or 20 Yuan note meant to cash my cheque.