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Houston Travel Notes

George Bush International Airport - Houston, TX

George Bush International Airport – Houston, TX

UZacchaeus City in Houston 24 hours

When the city of Houston, like many of you we had our first in the movie Apollo 13: Houston, We have a problem (Houston, we have a problem) starting with the lines.

The State of Texas Dallas ve Austin the city had a chance to see them; but the opportunity to go to Houston the largest city yaratamamıştık. Frankly, anyone seen our friends in Houston also didn't get that comment a very impressive city and Oh, let's say we're in a hurry. How to find an opportunity and if he can stop by when we get to the parties. And indeed, that's what we've got an opportunity.

Austin Trip

Capitol binası

The Capitol building – Austin

Last minute trip to Austin

Dallas&8216; a business we're going to do the shift a day before talking to my friend go to the Levent The Austin trip the idea was put forward. The idea then we have arranged our tickets about to go on Saturday morning. Uçusumuzu with Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Dallas (Fort Worth International Airport). San Franciscofrom our friend taking the Danube with car to Austin. By car it takes about 3.5 hours.

The capital of Texas, Austin one of the country's best University in the city of counted The University of Texaslocated in the campus. Also passing through the town Colorado Riverand the very good offers stunning visuals to be evaluated, one of the cities and live music in the u.s. secure due to the fact that among the best cities in the United States to live. We settle ourselves from the hotel threw out our first impressions after this direction. Students and young population is more than the city has great vitality, the energy of the city is really high.

Dallas Trip

Pioneer Park - Dallas

Pioneer Park – Dallas

City of Dallas Cowboys

Dallas' a 2010 in November for two days we went to visit our friends. Dallas, Fort-Worth airport passenger traffic is rather large and is one of the busiest airports. In addition, American Airlines Center. American AirlinesIn both the UNITED STATES and from Fort Worth, also offers the possibility of many international flights.

In general the first attracted our attention; flat-spread over an area of the city, in the United States, we live and we came upon in many regions was lack of intense green nature available. Our eyes were forced to get used to the nudity at a time.